Aimsir - The Weather in Irish

Aimsir is a weather app that gives detailed spoken and written forecasts in the Irish language. It lets you know what the weather's going to do where you are and also shows what the weather is like right now in any part of the world - all in Irish. With audio added, you can hear the forcast for your location (and all of the Glossary phrases) in beautiful spoken Irish. Bain triail as!

• No. 1 iOS Weather app in Ireland on numerous occasions.
• Top 10 in the UK and Top 50 in the US Weather Charts.
• Over 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5.0 on the iOS App Store.

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AR Fast Area Measurement

Fast Area Measurement uses Augmented Reality (AR) to allow you accurately measure the area and perimeter of any space - simply by walking around it, placing markers as you go. It's particularly suited to outdoor use, so it's the ideal tool for gardeners, DIY enthusiasts, in fact anybody who needs to make quick and accurate area measurements. Fast Area Measurement has an average rating of 4.2/5.0 on the Apple App Store.

"This is very useful, it works and is simple to use" (US)
"Surprisingly accurate and easy to use. One of the best apps I have tried." (UK)

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Our Other Apps

  • An Aimsir
    A five day weather forecast for your location - in Irish.

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  • Y Tywydd
    The weather in the Welsh language - wherever in the world you are.

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  • Parlay It!
    Calculate parlays and accumulators in an instant.

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  • Uimhreacha
    Master numbers and counting in Irish with exercises and fun games.

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This is just a selection of the apps that we have available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store - have a look on the stores for all of our titles. Traditionally, we concentrated on native iOS app development, but we are now also using Google's Flutter SDK to develop iOS and Android apps from a single codebase.

Development Work

A selection of the projects we are working or have worked on.

  • DroneSAR

    Search & Rescue

    Moonswing is developing apps for DroneSAR, a company that plans to lead the field in the deployment of drones in search and rescue operations. We use the DJI Mobile SDK for iOS to create detailed search patterns that are then flown automatically by DJI drones.

  • Cusp

    Reducing Plastic Use

    Moonswing is developing iOS and Android apps for Diluteze's "Cease Using Single-use Plastic" (CUSP) initiative. This project is still in its formative stages with many exciting developments in the pipeline.

  • Cusp

    Town Guides

    Moonswing redesigned Townapps' original offering and coded a new iOS app for them. Our design served as the template for 60+ apps that Townapps launched for towns in Ireland, the UK and North America.